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"Great company. High quality work and reports, very professional."

Firmo S.

San Francisco, CA

"I highly recommend this company! They were very helpful, knowledgeable and offered a great price comparing to the competitors. I called to get my house tested for mold and they came next day to do the investigation. They provided results on the same day and a full report a few days later. I'm very happy with this company. Problem solved!"

Camila B.

La Jolla, CA

"Highly Recommended! I had a flood in my apartment and needed an asbestos survey asap. Air Check Solutions was very professional, provided results on the same day of the inspection so my plumber could open the walls, and price was better than other places I called! They also answered all the questions and concerns I had related to asbestos and mold!"

Andrew M.

San Diego, CA

"Air Check Solutions has been totally awesome. Mr. Marcelo was available to work around my schedule. He listened to my concerns and offered a well thought out solution to my concern. The test and the results were done and back to me within a day. I highly recommend Air Check Solutions to anyone who wants excellent service and assurance the job will be done correctly and in a timely manner. Marcelo thank you for your excellent service and expertise.
Christopher S Hendricks"

Christopher H.

San Diego, CA

"Marcelo did a great job on short notice and at a very reasonable price.

He was able get asbestos testing done during our home inspection. We were on a really short, 10 day schedule to remove contingencies.

Our main concern was the popcorn ceiling, but Marcelo was also able to test a variety of other suspect materials quickly. The testing came back the same day so it worked out really well for us."

Kent B.

La Jolla, CA

"Very responsive, professional, and fast. We discovered potential asbestos-containing materials during a major renovation project, and had to put contractors on hold until the materials were tested. I called early morning, they came out mid-morning, and we had results by mid-afternoon all on the same day. Thankfully no asbestos was found, so the contractors could resume work the next day. Air Check Solutions were very knowledgable about the subject matter. Highly recommended."

Dominik W.

San Diego, CA

"As stated before: Fast and affordable.
Doing this gave us peace of mind before buying a house. Very happy with the service. Would highly recommend."

Matthew S.

Imperial Beach, CA

"They are professional, affordable and I would recommend them to anyone! Having peace of mind about the air quality of my home for me and my child is priceless."

Mallory M.

Carlsbad, CA

"Marcelo is great.  Very professional, friendly, responsive and affordable.  Responsive to my schedule needs; and quick to send the test reports.  Highly recommended!"

Mke G.

San Diego, CA

"These guys performed an evaluation of my office space in an expedient fashion for a fair price and performed in every way. I recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again."

James P.

Del Mar, CA

"Great company and showed up right on time. They were very professionals and the turn was amazing."

Chris L.

Sam Diego, CA

"Jason was great!  I'm so relieved he was able to come out within an hour.  We had an emergency situation - we were in the process of getting our AC replaced and moved to the attic, when I remembered that our home inspection report noted possible asbestos.  He came out right away, and he was thorough, professional, friendly, and helped us understand the situation.  We got the results in only a few hours.  Would highly recommend!"

Amanda B.

San Diego, CA

"Very impressed with the professionalism and customer service. Marcelo responded promptly to my message, offered a great price, and was able to send someone out early the next morning for our air clearance. Jason was the tech who came out and was on time, friendly, and efficient! Very happy with the service. Hopefully our abatement days are behind us but would definitely use them again in the future!!"

Zaida B.

San Diego, CA

"I love this company's customer service.  They were quick to responde to my request, arrange an appt and they called/text to confirm the appt a day before and Jason came to my house prior to appt time!  Jason was here and gone in less than 30 minutes and said I will receive a report by end of business, who offers a great customer service like that today?  I am pleased."

Yukiko K.

Ramona, CA

"Marcelo is an outstanding individual and a true professional! I own a couple of units I rent out and once in awhile you get that tenant when moving out, starts to build a case of MOLD, asbestos, gets a free home inspection from JoeBlowContruction, and threatening litigation because she's been ill for years. Marcelo tested the unit for mold and asbestos and provided evidence of the tenant crying wolf. Once the tenant knew of the inspection results she quietly went away."


San Francisco, CA

"Very fast and easy. Took about 10 minutes to get 4 samples tested. Recommended!"

Maggie H.

San Diego, CA

"Speedy and friendly service.  Contacted at about 12:30 and the technician was here by 2."

Sean T.

Los Angeles, CA

"I want anyone who is looking for great customer service, patience and empathy during a stressful time of asbestos analysis, look no further than the folks at Air Check Solutions, LLC. They were great starting with Marcelo over the phone on to Jason in person. Arrived on time & great customer service, along with great follow up with the details & the next step. They both were awesome and deserve more than 5 stars!!!        Thank you Marcelo & Jason,
San Diego, CA"

Deirdre S.

Lemon Grove, CA

"Arrived on time and gave a thoughtful and careful consideration of our possible asbestos in the floor. Our house is one of those 100 year old ones. Our plan is to go back to natural hardwood floor under linoleum if all goes well. We were very pleased with Jason who did the assessment."

Susan H.

Mount Hope, KS

"I called and was able to get an appointment same-day. They showed up on time and were efficient getting the job done. I was under a time constraint and was able to get the test results a few hours later! Great customer service!"

Wendy R.

La Mesa, CA

"Marcelo is very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. He tested my popcorn ceilings for asbestos at a fair price (I did check a few other services).   He arrived on time for our appointment and had the results in a few days.  I would highly recommend him."


San Francisco, CA

"Spoke with Marcelo over the phone who was very friendly and answered all of our questions at the time. We were able to have folks come out within two hours. Jason and Sarah (both professional and friendly) came out to gather samples. It was all done quick and easy. My wife had additional questions and Jason explained clear enough for both my wife and I to understand. 

Dan P.

Otay Mesa West, San Diego, CA

"Moved into a house recently that had popcorn ceiling. I was thinking of popcorn ceiling removal/remodeling the rooms and was concerned about asbestos. I called Marcelo and he answered questions and concerns that I had. He also explained in detail procedures recommended in dealing with materials that contained asbestos. Jason stopped by to take some samples. He also answered concerns that we had."

Omar R.

Vista, CA

"Professional, friendly and very efficient & knowledgeable staff. They helped me out with testing I wanted to do in my unit, answered patiently all my questions and helped me a lot in my situation. Highly recommended."

Sakis P.

San Diego, CA

"These guys are great, always quick to make it out and provide a professional service. We have worked with them multiple times and will continue to do so."

Curtis M.

San Francisco, CA

"Marcelo and Air Check Solutions are great! I'm dealing with a flood situation in my condo and asbestos testing is required for the mold remediation companies to start their demo work. Marcelo came out at 8pm tonight (Friday night) to take samples, telling me I'll have preliminary results tomorrow, which will enable me to start remediation on Monday.  The cost of his service was on the cheaper end of the spectrum of bids, with some companies charging twice what he does!  There were other companies who charged similiar to what he does, however, I would have had to wait until next Friday to get my results.  I'm VERY happy with Marcelo's service and highly recommend him to anyone needing asbestos testing!"

Shawn R.

San Diego, CA

"Marcelo provided quick and efficient service when asked to do an asbestos assessment before the plumbers started work. Highly recommended."

Tony O.

Lakeside, CA

"Extremely responsive, polite, and professional throughout the entire process. Provided testing and results on the same day, as well as a comprehensive report soon after the initial test results were available.  Would definitely recommend calling if you have any mold or asbestos issues."

Ken C.

San Diego, CA

Short version:
"The testing was FAST and AFFORDABLE
Long version:
Marcelo has to be the nicest human being I have ever met.  My husband and I have been waiting for years to get flooring that wasn't 20 year old dog-eaten carpet, and we were very disappointed when we found out there was tile underneath the old carpet that might contain asbestos.  Welp, thanks to Marcelo, we found out inexpensively that it was indeed asbestos.  Marcelo has helped us every step of the way and made the process as painless as possible. It is a testament to how awesome he is that I secretly hope we find more areas in the house that might contain asbestos so he'll have to come back.  Thank you, Marcelo!!"

Christina R.

I was happy with the service i got.

"I recently purchased a new house and was concerned with HCHO and HVOC level because it is a new built and we got new furniture. I requested a quote via yelp and got a response within a short time frame. Marcelo explained the process and the fees. Everything was easy and straightforward.

I ordered the service on Wednesday and had the test done on Friday. They were on time and the setup was easy. I didn't have to worry about anything. The guy was polite, resourceful and helpful.

Now i know the air quality of my house, I can have peace of mind. I highly recommend their service."


San Diego, CA

"Marcelo seems very knowledgeable. He was able to set up an appointment with one of his technicians next day. Thank you."

Katie B.

San Diego, CA

"Excellent service. Responded within minutes and survey was completed the next morning. Marcelo is very professional and knowledgeable. He advised us regarding potential asbestos hazards and which areas might have it (or not). He is also very courteous and friendly, and easy to work with. Highly recommended!"

Diana L.

Camarillo, CA

"Had a really great experience with Marcelo and Air Check Solutions. He responded to my online quote request very quickly and answered the phone right away when I called for more info for testing for asbestos in some popcorn ceilings in a condo we just bought. Scheduling was easy and he showed up perfectly on time for our next-day appointment. Results are given same day. Really appreciate his great customer service and would highly recommend."

Billy B.

San Diego, CA

"I cannot say enough good things about this company! We recently purchased a home built in the 1970s that is full of popcorn ceiling (of course!). We contacted several companies for asbestos testing. Marcelo was extremely responsive during our communications via Yelp...and that is no exaggeration. I am a very detail-oriented person, so of course I had a million questions for him. Not only did he respond lightening fast, but he also gave very thorough answers to every single one of my questions! Beyond that, he also gave one of the lowest prices of all the companies we reached out to. Given Marcelo's great communication, his company was the natural choice for us! 

On the day of inspection, he took time with us explaining everything and did not rush the job in any way. He even took the time to explain our possible plans of action for our asbestos testing results (both negative and positive). We have children, so this really helped to put our minds at ease! In addition to testing the popcorn ceiling, as planned, he also took the time to check up in our attic to see if we had any possible insulation material that may contain asbestos. He explained that the insulation we have is all fiberglass-based material and testing was not necessary. I found this to be a very honest move as he easily could have told us we needed the attic material tested as well and collected the extra money. As for the results, Marcelo came through once again and literally had our results to us in a couple hours! 

I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone! In fact, my family members may be purchasing a home soon and have already decided that Marcelo is absolutely the person they will reach out to for any and all testing needs. Awesome company!"

Britt J.

San Diego, CA

"Extremely satisfied!  We had a great experience and Marcelo is very knowledgeable.  He helped us save money when we had no clue what we were doing.  He communicated quickly and easily through text, email, and phone calls.  I will recommend this company to anyone looking to test for asbestos or any other kind of hazardous material in their home."

Aubrey P.

Palm Desert, CA

"We experienced a water loss in our home due to a faulty refrigerator’s water filter that flooded our kitchen, dining and living rooms. We cleaned up and contacted our insurance agent. A week after the incident, our nice hardwood flooring buckled up and we had no choice, but to file an insurance claim.

Prior to the remediation contractor starting removal of affected materials, we hired Air Check Solutions, LLC to conduct an asbestos survey. Asbestos was detected in the joint compound and a licensed asbestos abatement contractor was brought in to remove affected walls containing asbestos. A large amount of visible mold growth was also observed under the hardwood floor, which had to be removed and disposed of. After all the mold remediation and asbestos abatement took place, Air Check Solutions, LLC conducted asbestos and mold post remediation air clearances to ensure the areas were safe and ready to be rebuilt and reoccupied.

Four companies were involved in the process: Insurance, Asbestos Abatement, Mold Remediation, and the Environmental Health Consultants Air Check Solutions, LLC, which provided a comprehensive scope of work to the contractors, conducted the asbestos survey prior to demolition and conduct final mold and asbestos air clearances to give a clean bill of health on the entire project."

Tasha B.

North Clairemont - San Diego, CA

"I used Air Check Solutions, LLC for an asbestos testing in my building, which was built in the 1960s. The ceiling in the basement was sprayed with a lumpy fireproofing material and a door was hitting it causing to flake into particles floating in the air. I was concerned that I was breathing toxic asbestos. Air Check Solutions came out and pulled samples of the material. The next day I got a report back from the lab showing that the samples did not contain any asbestos. Air Check Solutions was very professional, informative, thorough and fast. I highly recommend them.

Neil H.

La Jolla, CA

Marcelo, the owner of Air Check Solutions, did an evaluation of a rental that I had a few years ago and he was great. As soon as he walked in he was able to smell the mold. After inspecting the house he found the mold and discovered that the problem could be solved by a simple cleaning of the area. Marcelo gave the tenants some instructions on how to clean the affected walls and what to do to prevent it from coming back. Marcelo was efficient, accurate, and thanks to him my tenants got rid of the mold problem. Excellent service!!

Luz A.

National City, CA

I rent an apartment in Pacific Beach and I noticed mold and a musty odor in one of the bathrooms. I reported to the property manager, however she said there was nothing wrong with it. I decided to hire Air Check Solutions to conduct a mold assessment and they did a moisture survey of the walls, which were soak and wet due to an ongoing pipe leak inside the wall. Mold remediation was conducted and mold growth was found on multiple walls behind the drywall. Air Check Solutions collected asbestos and mold samples. They were very professional and I was very happy at the end of the project. I highly recommend them. I also got reimbursed by the property manager, after they agreed there was an issue in my apartment.
Thanks Air Check Solutions.

Mario M.

Pacific Beach, CA

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